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International conference discusses the issues of nuclear or radiological emergency preparedness

On May 27–28, 2021 VATESI representatives participate in the international virtual conference “How to ensure protection of the population in case of a nuclear and radiological emergency?” organized by the Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior. Lithuanian and foreign experts, representatives from Norway, Germany, Romania, Israel, Poland, Latvia and Estonia, as well as Lithuanian nuclear and radiation safety and civil safety regulatory institutions will share their experience and challenges.  

During the conference, experts will present the public early warning systems operating in their countries and how radiation monitoring is organized. Also, participants will discuss the aspects of emergency preparedness and response, the training and education programme on preparedness and response to a nuclear or radiological emergency, strategic communication in the case on a possible accident in a nuclear power plant and the experience of foreign countries in developing information systems for emergency management.

"In the case of a nuclear accident, it is important to get information about the accident immediately and have tools to assess and predict the progress of the accident and determine its’ extent so that the authorities can warn the population and take protective measures as soon as possible," says VATESI Deputy Head for General Nuclear Safety Matters Sigitas Šlepavičius. For this purpose and with the help of an international project funding VATESI will purchase software for more accurate predicting of nuclear accidents progression and radionuclide release.

The conference is a part of the international project “Development of an Early Warning System on Nuclear Emergency of Lithuania“ activities. The goal of the project is to create a unified early warning system on nuclear or radiological accident in the Republic of Lithuania and other countries, paying special attention to the measures dedicated to protect population against a possible nuclear accident at a nuclear power plant operating in the Republic of Belarus.

More information about VATESI activities in the project.