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All EU “stress tests” recommendations implemented in Lithuania

On 25 May 2018, VATESI submitted the Final Report of Plan of Strengthening Nuclear Safety in Lithuania (Lithuanian National Action Plan) to the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG), which was developed after EU “stress tests” and peer-review process following the accident in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The Final Report describes process and provides results of all implemented safety improvement measures that were included in the Lithuanian National Action Plan.

Measures related to nuclear safety of Ignalina NPP Units and Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility were implemented in 2015: installation of the new water level measuring equipment for beyond design basis accident conditions in spent fuel pools, that will allow to monitor water level in spent fuel pools during the accident and to make necessary decisions to manage such аn accident as well as to mitigate its consequences; installation of special power sockets for emergency mobile diesel generators connection in different places of Ignalina NPP buildings; assessment of the robustness of Ignalina NPP Accident Management Center against beyond design basis earthquake; assessment of the capabilities of the water temperature and level instrumentations in the spent fuel pools for beyond design basis accidents conditions; updating of relevant emergency preparedness instructions of Ignalina NPP, etc.

Implemented measures will allow to increase capabilities of Ignalina NPP for manage very unlikely (beyond design basis) accidents.    

The last two Lithuanian National Action Plan’s measures, which were related to improvement of nuclear safety regulations in Lithuania, have been completed in March 2018 after revising the nuclear safety requirements BSR-2.1.2-2010 "General requirements for the safety of nuclear reactors with RBMK-1500 type reactors". There were specified requirements for the safety related systems for the internal and external hazards and the safety of spent fuel, including the assessment of the capabilities of instrumentation equipment for beyond design basis accidents conditions, and the requirements for emergency procedures and the use of technical means for beyond design basis accidents managements.

Following the ENSREG decision, a status report from each in “stress tests” participated country on the implementation of the post-Fukushima National Action Plans needs to be updated and published periodically to ensure a transparent monitoring.

Final Report of Plan of Strengthening Nuclear Safety in Lithuania.

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