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Michail Demčenko


Michail Demčenko (1958) in 1981 graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute with Diploma of Engineer Physicist and for two years worked in this Institute’s Reactor Physics Department. In 1983–1991 – Engineer, Senior and First Category Engineer in Ignalina NPP’s Nuclear Safety Division. Since 1991 – Nuclear Safety Expert, Head of Safety Assessment Division, Deputy and Acting Head of VATESI. From 2012 – Head of VATESI.

Work experience

Having more than 35 years of experience in nuclear sector, Michail Demčenko has a broad outlook to the nuclear power safety problems. He took part in organisation and conduct of several complex activities reviewing safety analysis reports and other safety related documents for nuclear facilities. From 1997 he is a country coordinator for IAEA TC projects in the area of nuclear safety. He was a member of the IAEA Nuclear Safety Standards Committee (NUSSC) 2002–2011, and Commission for Safety Standards (CSS) 2012–2015.

Foreign languages: English, Russian.


2013 – Lithuanian Republic President award for the personal contribution towards the Lithuanian Presidency of the European Union Council.

2009 – World Energy Council Lithuania Committee award “Sign of Honour in Power Engineering”.

2007 – Chairman’s of the Parliament Acknowledgement for a significant contribution ensuring safe operation of Ignalina NPP, for establishment state nuclear safety regulatory system and preparation of new specialists.



Updated: 25-04-2016